Yes, It’s Possible To Help Your Videos Go Viral on Social Media

Have you ever thought about how to make your videos go viral on social media? I know that this is a question that comes up frequently in the video world. “How can I get more views, likes, shares and comments for my video?” Well friends, there’s good news! It’s possible to help your videos go viral on social media. Today we’ll talk about how to master the art of going viral on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube (the two biggest ones).

Understand Your Audience

You might be wondering: how do I know what my audience likes to see? Where can I find this information?

Well, if you’re like most video creators, you probably already have a pretty good idea of what your target audience enjoys watching. You know that they prefer short videos over long ones; they enjoy certain topics more than others; and their attention spans tend to wane after about three minutes (if not sooner). If you don’t know these things yet, now’s the time for some research! Take some time out from filming and editing videos so that you can learn more about who exactly is watching them–and why.

Be Prepared To Share Other People’s Content

The biggest mistake you can make is thinking that you need to create all of your content in order to go viral. The truth is, most viral videos are shared by other people who find them interesting and want their audience to see it as well. So if you’re looking for ways to help your videos go viral on social media, the best thing that you can do is share other people’s content!

Don’t be afraid of sharing someone else’s video: if something strikes a chord with you then share away!

There are many different types of videos that might appeal to your audience and attract viewers from outside it as well–it could be anything from a funny cat video or inspirational speech by Oprah (who knows!) so don’t limit yourself when thinking about what kind of stuff would work best for getting more eyes on your channel

Be Patient And Persistent

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to think that going viral videos is a matter of luck. It’s not. While there are factors that are out of your control and may seem to be random, if you want to see your video go viral, it’s up to YOU!

The first step is being patient and persistent–don’t give up on getting views just because the first few days don’t go well! If a video isn’t getting any traction after three months, then maybe it’s time to re-think its strategy or even consider deleting it altogether; but generally speaking, if a post doesn’t start gaining traction within six weeks (at least), then keep working at it!